The Taycan represents the true passion and expression that goes into building a Porsche electric sports car – or any Porsche vehicle for that matter. The Taycan boasts striking proportions, a timeless design, and seamless blend of performance with everyday usability. As the German marque’s first-ever all-electric vehicle, this four-door sports car carries with it the brand’s pure and instantly recognizable design language. It marks the beginning of a new era for the brand as it expands into the e-mobility field, capturing both the hearts of EV and non-EV lovers alike. And while upgrading electric sports cars is still somewhat limited, there are a number of styling changes you can make to set them apart from the rest and make them yours. One such mod is installing a set of custom wheels that really accentuate the Porsche Taycan’s natural DNA.

Our customer William Øyen-Havekes, all the way in Norway, purchased a set of the new VR Forged D10 monoblock wheels for his own Porsche Taycan. Featuring a classic brushed finish, these D10s look spot on with the flawless exterior white paint and really makes those bold red calipers pop. The wheels are sized 22×10 at the front and 22×11.5 at the rear with a +56mm and +59mm offset respectively. Each individual wheel weighs in at about 14 kilograms (30 pounds) and has a load rating of up to 720 kilograms (1587 pounds). Recommended tire fitment for this setup is 265/30/22 for the front and 305/25/22 for the rear. 

The VR Forged D10 wheel is a one-piece fully forged wheel that features a thin split-spoke design with generous spaces to showcase your ride’s big brakes. The sleek star-like appearance looks great on almost any coupe or sedan, and really takes this German EV to the next level. Not only are these sporty wheels lightweight and sharp-looking, but they are designed for high-performance cars to last you for years and years to come. They are manufactured using a 10,000-ton press to ensure the highest levels of strength and resilience.

[Photo Credit: William Øyen-Havekes]


  • All VR Forged wheels include center caps.
  • They are designed to work with most OEM TPMS sensors.
  • Some wheels may require aftermarket lug nuts or bolts.
  • Weights are estimated from engineering and scale tests.
  • Wheels are designed to work with OEM brakes and most big brake kits.  Please provide BBK template if you have questions on fitment.
  • All wheels go through extensive testing to meet proper regulations. View Manufacturing Details Here.

Finish Options: Brushed, Gunmetal, Matte Black, Satin Bronze

Note: Should you need a custom fitment or color, special orders can be done. Pricing for these orders, however, is not the same as our “in stock” wheels. Contact Us Here.